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About us

PLC „Premia KPC“ is one of the leaders of the ice-cream and chilled goods market in Lithuania. Our roots reach into 1937, when a private company “Kauno pieno centras” was first established. At that time, it was one of the largest dairy product processing companies in Lithuania which produced milk, curd, butter and, of course, ice-cream. In 1992, after Lithuania had restored its independence, “Kauno pieno centras” was established and to which ice-cream production and trade has become its main activity. Some of the recipes that endured since the old times and are still used in production today. Since 1999 our assortment was supplemented with chilled goods. Currently we are a part of “Food Unio n”, an international group to which milk industry companies leading in the Baltic States, Norway, Denmark, Romania and even China belong.

mūsų vertybės Our values

Boldness. We are not afraid to be bold – we analyse carefully, think innovatively and make brave yet measured decisions, which allow us to get to the leading positions in branches of our industry.

Dedication. Not only do we care about contributing to the sustainable growth, but also creating value to our consumers, clients, workers and the wider society in the markets where we work.

Joy. We always strive for the best emotions on every step of the way.

mūsų misija Our mission

Food Union is a global group of industrial food production and trade companies based on insight and innovation. It develops local brands and supplies great produce for the people and their interest.

mūsų žmonėsOur people

Brave people, who combine competence, energy and determination, they move forward and gain success.

Dedicated people are professional, cooperative and reliable.

Happy people are creative and driven, they inspire others to excel.

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