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Eating ice-cream is good for you!

Not everyone knows that ice-cream is not only a refreshing dainty treat for a hot summer day, but also a product beneficial to well-being. The ungrounded glorification of vegetable fats is in the past. Natural products are being valued increasingly and pure cream-based ice-cream popularity is exponentially growing and has reached almost 80 percent.


How do we make ice-cream?

PLC „Premia KPC“ roots are deeply spread in the Lithuanian ice-cream market. Our predecessor company “Kauno pieno centras” has been making ice-cream since 1937, building a foundation to the development of ice-cream in Lithuania. Most recipes used in production today have remained the same or have been altered very little from the ones used years ago, only adding modern techniques and ingredients because consumers love it exactly as it is- exquisite tasting ice-cream crafted by our companies’ masters. The popularity of “KLASIKA” ice-cream proves it perfectly.


Ice-Cream classification, types

Ah yes! We know ice-cream to be a perfectly refreshing desert, it brings wonderful emotions to all- from the youngest ones to the eldest of us. Even some pets know and love ice-cream! However, what is ice-cream, after all?


History of Ice-Cream

Winners of the competition “Most Popular Product”, in which customers favourite products are selected, started in 2009 winners are marked with a badge of “Most Popular Product” on the shelves of “Maxima”,”Iki“, “Rimi“ and “Norfa“ trade networks. The winners in various categories are selected after an evaluation of sales made in the largest trade networks. Under the category of ‘goods', in which there are a total of 56 products, only one is selected as the most popular product having gone in to customers carts.


Ice-cream calorie table

Did you know that ice-cream is not as high in calorie dessert as many might think? Come and compare, how many calories the different kinds of ice-cream have!

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