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Who? Where? How?

Who invented ice-cream? It is not known for sure. The history of ice-cream is tangled in myths and “facts” that today is hard to prove. However, the mysterious origin of this delicious dessert evidently stirs curiosity.

The first mention of milk and cream ice is found in Chinese historic archives from about 2nd-3rd century BC. Methods of freezing dairy products was considered a state secret and its disclosure punishable by death.

Ice-cream was only available to the nobles. Italian aristocrats would treat their guests to desserts made of snow and fruit juices. However, European attempts to freeze compositions with milk were unsuccessful for a while. The secret was only unveiled by Marco Polo. It is believed that at the end of 9th century the infamous Venetian traveller brought a recipe for a frozen sorbet. Italians kept the secret of making ice-cream for 300 years. Later (16th-17th century), ice-cream made its way to France, Spain and England. Almost every country kept their ice-cream recipes secret. In around 18th century ice-cream also reached USA. Actually, the history of ice-cream continued to evolve, due to the development of technical and industrial inventions.

The first ice-cream parlour was opened in 1776, in America, New York.

The first freezer was invented in 1843 by a New Jersey housewife (USA), however, due to not having enough money to start production, she had to sell the patent for $200 to “Philadelphia Kitchen”, a company that would later gain millions from the freezer business.

The first ice-cream factory was opened by Jacob Fussell in USA, Baltimore, state of Maryland in 1851, which started the era of ice-cream mass production.

Italians started making ice-cream assorted with nuts, fruit, biscuits and liqueur. The infamous plombir or, ice-cream of a certain cream richness, was first started to make is France – its name comes from the name of Plombieres-les-Bains town.

Waffle ice-cream was first patented in 1903 by an Italian Marchiony. He sold his own made ice-cream and kept having issues with dishes getting broken or stolen so, hoping to reduce expense, he started selling ice-cream in waffle cups.

The homeland of Eskimo ice-cream is the state of Iowa, where they started to sell Eskimo ice-cream in 1919. This is where Christian Nelson came up with an idea of covering ice-cream in a chocolate glaze. This great new dainty was named “Eskimo Pie”. A few years later Nelson patented the device for production of ice-cream on a stick.

The milk processing company, Kaunas “Pieno centras” was established in 1937 and is the predecessor of PLC “Premia KPC”. It was the first to start producing ice-cream in Lithuania, also making us a part of the history of ice-cream!

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