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Not everyone knows that ice-cream is not only a refreshing dainty treat for a hot summer day, but also a product beneficial to well-being. The ungrounded glorification of vegetable fats is in the past. Natural products are being valued increasingly and pure cream-based ice-cream popularity is exponentially growing and has reached almost 80 percent.
Cream based ice-cream contains milk fats, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamins A and B, as well as D, E and P vitamin groups. Everybody knows how necessary vitamin A is for the eyes and it is especially important for small children. Vitamin D is needed in order to absorb calcium. Vitamin D dissolves in fat, as do vitamins A and E, therefore our bodies absorb these vitamins from ice-cream particularly effectively. The system absorbs up to 85% of calcium that is in ice-cream, for example, in 100g of ice-cream there is as much as 150mg of calcium.
Human body perpetually needs calcium, especially throughout its growth period. That is why it is necessary for children and adolescents. If strong bones, teeth, nails and hair form in the youth, bone fractures, tooth caries, hair loss and breaking nails are less likely in the older age. And those, who look after their teeth should note that lactose which is found in dairy products does not harm teeth as strongly sugar, fructose and glucose do. Of course, it is important to remember that in order for calcium to reach bones physical activity and sports is necessary, which summertime provides multiple opportunities for!
A light dessert for those who maintain their weight.
Although  ice-cream made from cream is really beneficial to health, as summer approaches it makes you wonder how ice-cream affects our weight. It is important to note that ice-cream is cold so, the body has to warm it while digesting, which uses calories. Therefore, the number of calories gained from ice-cream is already smaller than what is indicated in the table of its nutritional value.
Well as for those, who do carefully calculate their calories will find pleasant surprises on the shop shelves – for instance, sherbetfrozen yogurt and dietary ice-creams that have a lower calorie count compared to the classic ice-cream. We also offerfruit ices which have very few calories and are usually very much loved by children.
What could be better than enjoying warm sunlight and a wonderfully delicious and refreshing ice cream, that gives even more colour for a hot summer day!
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