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PLC “Premia KPC” contribution to Lithuanian ice-cream market

The roots of PLC “Premia KPC” are far reaching into the Lithuanian ice-cream market. Our predecessor “Kauno pieno centras” made ice-cream since 1937 and was the first in Lithuania to set the foundations for ice-cream development in our country. 

Heritage ice-cream

Although we no longer have a factory in Lithuania, the ice-cream is made in factories of our company group in Riga and Tallinn, to whom the heritage of our recipes and technological knowhow has been passed on. Ice-cream bar “Klasika” – has been the favourite product in ice-cream category for years, i.e. every year it has been bought the most and this particular type of ice-cream is one of the oldest in the history of our company. The classic “Pols” ice-cream, that is also produced in Latvia, is made according to the original 1971 recipe – this vanilla ice-cream has no stabilisers, nor emulsifier, which is an almost unique instance in our market.

Ice-cream making process

The ice-cream making process begins with weighing the components, proportions of which are detailed in the recipes. Then following procedures that are carried out: mixing; homogenisation; pasteurisation; cooling; maturing or storing; chilling; dosing; placing into product packaging; quick-freezing; boxing; storing; supplying.

Whipping and freezing are crucial procedures in the process of making ice-cream. Ledų atšaldymo The principle of ice-cream chilling is based on whipping the ice-cream mix while simultaneously cooling it.

The final flavour and qualities of ice-cream depends on how soon after dosing it is frozen. We have a quick-freeze tunnel where ice-cream freezes in several dozen minutes. Rapid freezing is essential in order for ice-cream to not form water-ice crystals. If ice crystals form between the fat cells, they damage the normal structure of ice-cream. For this reason, thawed ice-cream should never be refrozen, better eat it right away. Good ice-cream does not melt… It simply quickly vanishes!

What do we make our ice-cream with?

Our duty is to offer a range of ice-cream, your right – to choose. Delicious ice-cream can be made in various ways, using materials etc. Different additions, fillings, coatings – a choice of every ice-cream manufacturer, of course, following the regulations for items of food set by the EU and Lithuanian government.

Depending on the fat that is used, there are two types of ice-cream: made with milk, parts of it or based on dairy products (among which plombir is too as milk fats are used in its production) and ice-cream with vegetable oils. Nowadays manufacturers use high quality vegetable oils (with no trans-fatty acids). 

According to the principles of a healthy diet, a human body needs both, vegetable and animal fats. The consumer has the final say; therefore, they must be given a right to choose and get the information they need.

Various studies and tastings show that people usually pick ice-cream according to the flavour: vanilla, chocolate, caramel and other. However, it is delightful to see people looking into what they eat more carefully, thus analysing ingredients of ice-cream, too.

The main raw materials used in ice-cream we produce is milk and dairy products and 35% cream, which is bought from regional manufacturers. These ingredients give ice-cream a sense of naturalness and a pleasant flavour. All other components are added to the main ingredients and flavour to ice-cream is added with coating, chocolate, nuts, fillings – for example, various jams, chips, marmalade, fudge etc.  

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