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A wide range of frozen products and ice cream, where you will find your favorite products from well-known brands. The team of Premia KPC AB will make sure that your favorite products reach you as soon as possible and deliver your order home!


Guilt-free ice-cream!


The news of the market- ice-cream lower in calories and sugar by one third- an exquisite, balanced flavour and crème-like texture. This ice-cream stands out for its dietary composition and the all of the sugar part in it is substituted by stevia extract. The 500ml box of ice-cream has just around 300 calories, for comparison, a single avocado has the same amount of calories, that is why you can enjoy Ekselence Ice-Cream with no added guilt!


For you- it’s ice-cream, for them- the aid of dolphins


There are some few special needs children in Lithuania. Children, to whom often times communication is a big challenge. When you feel different, it gets harder and harder to interact and sometimes- you do not want to at all. But how do you learn to communicate without doing so? What you need is a patient, inspiring and expressive teacher. Such teachers exist and they can be found in Klaipeda’s Dolphinarium. They are therapy dolphins. Not only are they one of the most intelligent mammals on Earth, but also friendly and most compassionate helpers to the children who need to learn how to communicate, be confident and experience positive emotions. It is scientifically proven that after dolphin therapy, most children experience a decrease in fear of being misunderstood, an increase of confidence in self, as well as in others, their communication skills improve also, training in water advances motor skills, it soothes and helps to concentrate vision, to relax and to better feel their body.


Legendary ice-cream has delicious news for sweet-teeth


“Last year I knew ‘what you did last summer’ and this year I promise experiences no less intriguing”– this is your greeting from POLS ice-cream - the finalists of “Brand of the year 2019” and one of the most popular ice-creams in Lithuania. It boldly reminds of itself and invites to go on adventure in the hot season- with the legendary ice-cream sticks and intriguing news. Who wants in?


AB „Premia KPC“ – TOP COMPANY 2017


According to, in 2017 we were in the 5% of the most reliable and economically stable Lithuanian companies. This evaluation provides us with stronger external reliance as well as the stability of our business. We maintain the financial reputation of our companies and through our activity development we represent transparent business, competitiveness, liability to ourselves as well as respect to our business environment. TOP COMPANY 2017 are business enterprises that trusts and recommends based on provided data. Such evaluation is provided only to the companies that meet set criteria.


KLASIKA Ice-Cream 800+200ml - Most popular item 2018


Winners of the competition “Most Popular Product”, in which customers favourite products are selected, started in 2009 winners are marked with a badge of “Most Popular Product” on the shelves of “Maxima”,”Iki“, “Rimi“ and “Norfa“ trade networks. The winners in various categories are selected after an evaluation of sales made in the largest trade networks. Under the category of ‘goods', in which there are a total of 56 products, only one is selected as the most popular product having gone in to customers carts.

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